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When you compare the Ball Conductor Transcendent watch to the rest of the lineup, it is definitely the odd man out. While other replica watches give off an air of rugged durability, this Ball Conductor watch instead shoots for a more elegant feel, albeit one that is in a case shape you simply do not see in dress replica watches. At first glance, you might thing the steel case was a simple square one with a bit of rounding. As it turns out, it's actually a bit more rectangular leaning (37.5mm by 47.5mm), and has a lot more curves hiding in it than a quick glance would reveal.

The most prominent of Ball Conductor Transcendent watch comes courtesy of the sapphire crystal, which the brand labels as a TV screen style. I see it - it definitely has the shape and curve of an old CRT type of screen. It is an interesting look, and it helps the case height to slope down side to side and top to bottom, making for a more compact fit on the wrist. The other "hidden" curve helps in that regard as well, and shows up on the reverse of the watch.

The Ball Conductor Transcendent watch has a curved case back. This is Ball Conductor transcendent watch something I have not run across a lot, but it definitely helps to snug the watch in tighter to your wrist. For a more compact dress piece like this, I think the curves work quite nicely in terms of the styling, and, of course, help to get the watch out from under a cuff without any issue.

Taking a closer look at the dial of Ball Conductor Transcendent watch, you see that the corners actually angle down, leaving you with a sort of "hidden" circle that is visible on the dial.

The rest of the Ball Conductor classic dial is rather well-balanced, with the the larger numerals taking a prominent place. Quite obviously, between the numerals and indices, seeing the time day or night is quite easy, and provides the lightshow that Ball is known for. The one wrinkle in that part of the performance comes in courtesy of the hour hand.

On the wrist, the 62g Ball Conductor Transcendent watch is a lightweight and elegant companion to face the day. As I mentioned earlier, the curved nature of the case and crystal ensure that the watch slips under a cuff quite easily, Ball watch Conductor chronograh right after a quick glance to check the time. If you do spend some more time checking the watch out, you will notice that the play of light across the grooved center of the dial adds some nice dimensionality, and of course, those curved corners are their own sort of style.

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