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Cheap Ball Engineer II Replica Watch

Ball is a brand that first caught my eye a few years back for its use of tritium tubes in a variety of ways across their catalog. They are not just a one trick pony, though. In the last year or so, they have introduced Ball Engineer II quite a bit of technical innovations to their replica watches. One of the latest ones that will be coming down the pike is the Ball Engineer II Magneto S watch.

As you might guess that the Magneto portion of the Ball Engineer II Magneto S watch name has something to do with magnetism. Anti-magnetism seems to be a fairly hot area that brands have been concentrating on over the past few years. While not all of them carry quite the marketing flash as the well-known Rolex Milgauss, it still is a good development to keep an eye out for Ball Engineer II genesis in your replica watches, as it can only serve to help keeping things running smoothly.

While most brands might opt for a soft metal cage to protect the movement from magnetism, Ball watch instead has opted for a new metallic compound that they are calling mumetal. While the name of that is a bit unfortunate, how it is deployed Ball Engineer II marvelight is pretty cool. They use a set of camera-style iris blades that open in that window. Obviously, when they are closed, the movement is fully protected. By the way, the Ball Engineer II Magneto S watch is able to resist magnetism up to 80,000 A/m.

The black dial of this Ball Engineer II Magneto S watch is combined with rectangular-shaped batons to denote the hours along with bold, highly legible hour and minute hands. There is little risk of misinterpreting the prevailing Ball Engineer II magneto s time. Encircling the periphery of the dial, Arabic numerals denote each 10-minute integer and, together with short strokes, enhance ease of interpretation. The inventory of functions is completed with a green central sweep seconds hand, incorporating the BALL Replica Watch Company logo as a counterweight, and a date display, located adjacent the crown.

Cheap Ball Engineer II Replica Watch

Interestingly, that shutter is able to be deployed via the bezel, so you do not have to remove the Ball Engineer II Magneto S watch when it needs some additional protection. When you combine this with their patented SpringLOCK system that protects the movement from bumps and bangs, you have a movement that is going to be pretty well protected. I also like the fact that it looks Ball Engineer II watch like all of this additional protection is able to be packed into a 42mm watch, so you will not have to have a hockey puck on your wrist to get the sense of security.

The Ball Engineer II Magneto S watch surely be one to keep an eye on, especially if you are a fan of what the brand has been finding to package their tritium tubes into as of late.

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