Closer Look At Ball Firemam Replica Watch for Sale

Cheap Ball Firemam Replica Watch

The Fireman Race Classic watch has a decidedly elaborate case that evokes early 20th century design. Measuring 42 x 51 x 11.5mm the stainless steel body has a robust size that is Ball Firemam watch meant to make it more of daily wear with some sporty intentions, despite its dressier appearance. The central case features several stacked rings, each with their own look. The bezel is a typical angled ring, but beneath that is a convex ring. This creates interestingly distorted reflections that add to the visual complexity of the design. Between this area and the mid case in then a channel that is stepped in.

The lugs come off of the Ball Fireman Race Classic watch mid-case, which is relatively thin, with a slight lip. This creates the look of welded lugs, which plays to the history of the brand. The geometry and finishing on the lugs is worth special attention. They have very sharp lines, creating a broad and masculine frame for the case. From the side, the lugs appear to flair almost like a tear drop, which is then cutaway on its bottom out and outer edge to create a strong and architectural form.

The case back of the Ball Fireman Race Classic watch is screw down with a deeply etched inner area. In the very center is a cool, stylized illustration of a train with exaggerated perspective. Around it is text reading “Ball Replica Watch Co.” “Swiss Made” and “Shock Resistant”.

The Ball Fireman Race Classic watch has a simple Ball Firemam racer and masculine dial that evokes mid-century watch design, but with the modern twist of tritium tubes. The surface is a dark, ash grey with a hint of brown for warmth. It also has a slight sunburst and pie-pan shape, for depth and dynamic reflections. The color is very appealing as is the finish.

The strap of Ball Fireman Race Classic watch has a nice stiffness and is padded by the lugs while thin elsewhere. The buckle Ball used has a very cool design to it that appears to be unique to the brand. It essentially looks like a roller buckle, with large screw details on either side. “Ball” is the deeply engraved into the top. Though the roller itself is not real, the Ball Firemam storm chaser look feels very appropriate for the brand and the watch.

On the wrist, the Racer Classic watch wears very well. It’s a sizable watch, at 42 x 51mm, so it feels more like a sport watch than a dress watch, but the look speaks to the latter. It’s kind of like if Ball Firemam watch 40mm someone in 1950 wanted to make an oversized sport watch, this is what it might have looked like. So, it’s best to think of it as a casual, daily wear watch with vintage undertones. And as that, it’s great. It’s very masculine and easy to wear.

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